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Ned Electrical Appliance Repair specialise in all types of oven repairs. We have dealt with most known  makes and models down through the years.   A broken oven can cause problems, especially if you have to feed a family. We know that i It is a priority to get it back working as soon as possible.  We work with both integrated and free standing cookers and ovens. We have seen many different types of cooker issues during our time. This experience means we can very quickly diagnose the problem and more importantly fix it! We carry a range of parts to ensure that you are never left waiting too long to get your oven back working. Potential Oven Issues Oven will not heat up Oven only heating up in one place Knobs broken Hinges broken Oven overheating Timer broken Controls stuck or jammed If you have any of these issues, call us today. Our team are on standby to get your oven repaired quickly and at an affordable